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My Parent Child Energy Connection Programme is now Open! 

Hi, I'm Julie, I'm now running my 8-session Parent Child Energy Connection Programme to help parents connect energetically with their uniquely gifted child. This support is also available as one-off sessions and with a discount on block bookings of 4 or 8 sessions. The sessions are bespoke to you and your child. 

Who is this for?

Does your intuition tell you there is something different about your child?

Are they sensitive, open and heart-centred?

Do they absorb emotions and energies around them?

Is their energy vibration high?

If your child is uniquely gifted, they need a particular parenting style. At the heart of this parenting style is a strong energetic connection between you and your child. 

I can help you connect with the spiritual energy of your uniquely gifted child and give you solid strategies for connected and balanced parenting.

How will an energetic connection help?

When you are energetically connected with your child you are in tune with what your child needs. Your parenting is balanced between what your child needs to be who they are, and what they need to function well in society. Your parenting is connected. This means you are the right guide, protector, and enabler for your child, and they are heard, seen and valued for who they are.  

Contact me for a free initial chat 
Contact me for a FREE initial chat Contact - SoulSense Wellbeing 
For more details about the Parent Child Connection Programme, please visit Parent Child Connection - SoulSense Wellbeing
I look forward to supporting you and your child on your illuminating, loving and high vibe journey together!

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